I Heart This Book

I HEART NEW YORK by Lindsey Kelk

It is a cold day at the bottom of the Minnesota Arrowhead today, halfway through May.  This has nothing to do with the book, except that I was outside in the cold wind when I swiped the screen all the way to the words “no more pages.”  I was simultaneously satisfied… and sad.

After a hot shower and sitting down with a hot cup of Folger’sⓇ  Black Silk Coffee (I’m in love!!!), I’m ready to talk about this gem of a book.

I chose this one as a freebie from Bookperk and in the beginning, I was worried it would turn out to be like a Harlequin romance, which I abhor.

There are bits of romance–and sex—but not with so much detail to make me want to “vom.”

In fact, the story swept me away insomuch that I was as surprised at how little time had passed as the main character often was. (<–horrible run-on sentence, but I’m just going to leave it there)  The majority takes place in the space of less than 3 weeks, but it’s a whirlwind of 3 weeks, let me tell  you!

I love it when I get so wrapped up in the character that I can’t wait to find out how it works out for her.  This one was facing an conundrum that didn’t have any easy answers.

Spoiler alert!!!  When life offers you up two options, there may just be a 3rd.

Aside:  nearly a year ago my life turned all sorts of sideways and I eventually ran.  Not across an ocean like the protagonist, but back “home” to start over.  I have since come to realize that “home”  is not exactly what I expected it to be, and that maybe starting over isn’t the right frame of mind.  Perhaps reinventing myself is.  And if Angela Clark can do it, why not me?



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