Dial M

dialmDial M: The Murder of Carol Thompson by William Swanson

There is something about reading true crime novels that give you an insight into just how awful some human beings can be to others.

This one had the added morbid allure for me because it took place in areas I am familiar with, and it remained unsolved for a fair period of time, although rumors flowed easily as they often do in small towns.

When this particular story takes place, Minnesota’s state capitol still was somewhat of a small town, and the township where the folks summered was still not much more than a village.  So how could something so awful happen to them, and who did it?

Dial M takes you from the day the crime took place, through the investigation and arrest and trial, and beyond.  It goes where most true crime doesn’t, in that it tells you what happens with those impacted by the event, long after it occurred.  You are not left wondering, “what ever happened to so-and-so?”


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