manipManipulation Manual 

Your Survival Guide for Outwitting Emotional Manipulators and Pathological Liars in your Relationships

by Ramit Gupta, Narrated by Harry Roger Williams, III

Although it felt like I was being read to by a game-show host, I found some useful information here.

This book includes strategies to free yourself from master manipulators and regain your sense of self.

We probably all have a dysfunctional relationship with “that one person” who seems to waste all of our time, energy, and resource if we allow them to.  It could be a friend, a lover, or even a family member subjecting you to emotional abuse and affecting your quality of life.

You may be vulnerable to manipulation if you feel the constant need to please other people at your own expense, avoid conflict at all costs, can’t ever say “no,” and are afraid to express any negative emotions for fear of rejection or abandonment.  Master manipulators can easily spot these weaknesses and exploit them, leaving you feeling exhausted and helpless.


There are several types of manipulators described, but the bottom line is that you cannot change their behavior, only your own.  You must decide whether to remove yourself from the situation OR work on creating a new relationship dynamic.  Create your battle plan and take back your power.


“This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.”


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