30 Day Song Challenge

via A Better 30-Day Music Challenge, try it!

A Better 30-Day Music Challenge, try it!

So finally reached the end of the 30 days of music! It really was harder than I thought it would be. Note: I did take a few liberties with the order. There weren’t any rules saying I couldn’t.

If you’d like to do this challenge here’s a list of daily themes:

Day 1A song featuring your name (or a loved one’s name if yours can’t be found)

Day 2A song with an awesome video

Day 3A song describing your occupation or field of study

Day 4A song if played in the car would lead to reckless driving charges

Day 5A song you would send to a member of the opposite sex

Day 6A song that you secretly wish was written for you

Day 7A song you like that comes from your parents’ music collection

Day 8A song that was the first bought With your own money

Day 9A song you wish you had written

Day 10A song containing cowbell (and whether it needs more cowbell)

Day 11A song for sitting around the bonfire

Day 12A song with a message for your child(ren) or nephews/nieces

Day 13A song that makes you feel invincible & ready to kick arse

Day 14A song so weird it still makes you exclaim “wtf?!”

Day 15A song for sitting around the dinner table with friends

Day 16A song you wish the Beatles had left in the vaults

Day 17A song done live that sounds much better than the studio version

Day 18Your favourite one-hit-wonder song 

Day 19The oldest song you have on mp3, CD or vinyl

Day 20A song that’s really bad covered by someone and made really good

Day 21A song that’s really good covered by someone and made really bad

Day 22A song with just the right amount of raunchy

Day 23A song mashup that’s surprisingly awesome

Day 24A song from an underrated genius

Day 25A song from an overrated band/artist

Day 26A song that’s so sweet it makes your teeth ache (but you actually like it)

Day 27A cathartic song to show that no good piece of sh*t why you are so totally over them

Day 28A song you completely misheard the lyrics to until somebody corrected you or you read them somewhere

Day 29A song so obscure it leaves music geeks scratching their heads to place it


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