Office Politics

How to Work Your Way Up The Corporate Ladder While Being Ethical And Friendly And Without Committing to Any of The Companies’ Parties! (Office Politics Class! Book 1)office.jpg

I have never been a fan of office politics, and this book simply reinforced my disdain.

It is described as a necessary evil, but the advice given is not very helpful.  Don’t make friends, but make allies, but also make enemies (choose wisely).

Don’t tell anyone what you are doing…  well, show me how THIS works.  How exactly do you get away with not letting your coworkers (or superiors) know what you are working on?  Um….  generally we are assigned tasks, or at the very least, a range of duties that need to be taken care of, and cannot all be delegated, especially at lower levels of the organization.

The only piece of advise I consider useful is to have a side business of your own in case of downsizing or other events.

From my personal experience, the way to succeed in corporate politics is to be a middle-aged white male and a sociopath, but maybe that’s just my bad-itude talking…

I received a copy through AudiobookBoom in exchange for an honest review.

1/5 stars


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