The Old Indian

the old indianwritten by John Isaac Jones, narrated by James H Kiser

For a short story of only four chapters and 25 minutes long, it is amazing how chock full of stereotypes it happens to be.

There is a moral to this distasteful story, but it’s as equally disappointing as the narration.

Two thumbs down.

I received this audiobook from Audiobook Boom in exchange for an honest review.


The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

readersofbrokenwheelThe Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by  Katarina Bivald

This book was an absolute delight to read and I adore the cover design as well.

When Sara arrives in the lazy town of Broken Wheel, Iowa, she is startled to discover that the pen pal she traveled all the way from Sweden to meet and stay with has passed away.

The town inhabitants make it their duty to make sure that she enjoys her stay, despite the unfortunate circumstances.

Sara needs something to keep her occupied and has the brilliant idea to use the books that she and her friend Amy had bonded over and an empty storefront to start a bookstore–with the town’s approval, of course.  She is thoroughly convinced that there is a book out there for everyone.  Some people just need more convincing than others.

We get a front row seat as Broken Wheel changes Sara, and Sara changes Broken Wheel.


The Murder Pit

The Murder Pit (A Moose River Mystery Book 1) - Jeff Shelby

by Jeff Shelby


It’s been a long time since I read something I could not bear to put down.


Fiction written in conversational style. I forgot the author was neither a woman, nor a native Minnesotan. Though the little extra stereotypical Minnesota-speak, a “you betcha” that seemed a little forced should have reminded me. *snicker*


Quick, easy-to-read chapters with just enough detail for your mind to fill in the blanks, the small-town murder mystery in Moose River pulls you right along.  Amusing and completely believable, especially if you’ve ever lived in a small town in Minnesota.


If I ever go old house-hunting, there are a few extra items I’ll be checking out, just to make sure I don’t buy my own Murder Pit.


Check out the series here: Moose River Mystery series

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Illustrations by Celli

100 Illustrations that take you there 30720696

I wasn’t as impressed by this volume as I expected, although I applaud the author/illustrator for getting back into his work.  The book is filled with interesting images, it’s just not a coffee table type that I would like to leave out for visitors and myself to peruse occasionally.

I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

Silent Witness

silent witness.jpg

Silent Witness is an extremely detailed account of the Karla Brown murder case that begins with the original murder investigation having gone cold but still nagging at detectives enough to renew the search, a huge break when new technology uncovers evidence that can identify the killer, the trial and subsequent determination against the death penalty, and the aftermath.

Insights are given throughout into the thoughts and emotions of key players in the situation and you have a seat right there in the courtroom during the trial.  It’s an emotional ride five years in the making.

“This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.”

Making Amends

Making Amends

making amends.jpg

Told from the perspective of three of the main characters, each has a distinctive enough voice that you don’t get confused as to who is speaking.  At times, some of them ramble, but it tends to make it feel as if you are there conversing with the character even if it does seem a bit detracting from the storyline.  Great narration is a definite plus.

Tabby is a former addict and mother of twin boys, one of whom gets snatched away by their father when they are five years old.  Twenty-five years later, she and her best friend/employer Von see him on the news having just been arrested for the murder of his father.  All Tabby wants is to see her little Bobby-doodle again, but is she prepared and can she make amends for being too drunk to properly care for him and prevent his abduction?

The ending might just blow you away.

“This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.”