The best photographs seem to be the candid shots of people who don’t know you are taking their picture, because you catch them at their most natural moments.



I tried to sneak into the classroom while the teacher’s back was to the door. She calmly kept writing the day’s assignment on the board when she said, “Mr. Williams, you are tardy. Kindly take the hall pass and report to the principal’s office immediately.”


In order to achieve any sort of goal for yourself in life, it is helpful to come up with a strategy spelling out how you intend to obtain it. For instance, if you want to switch careers, you may need to take classes, update your resume, network with people in the industry, and apply for jobs. That is a very basic set of steps, each with its own actions to take. Taking classes may require you to research schools, apply for financial aid, and enroll. You need to decide for yourself whether this is the best way to achieve your ultimate goal.


In the blink of an eye, your whole life can change. This can be for the good or the bad, and sometimes you may not realize right away which one it is.

It isn’t always cut and dried… sometimes what can seem in the beginning like the best thing that ever happened to you and all your dreams are coming true only to find out as time goes on that perhaps it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Sometimes what can seem at the moment to be absolutely devastating news turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

Now that I’ve employed a ton of clichés, I will provide an example of the latter.

I worked for a company for about ten years off and on and in practically every department. My performance reviews were excellent and I enjoyed what I was doing. I wasn’t earning a ton of money, but did manage to purchase a larger home for my family. A few weeks later, I got a phone call in the middle of one afternoon that changed everything. I was told there was no need for me to come to work that night because the business was closing, effective immediately.

Blink. I enrolled in college.

Okay, that last part didn’t happen quite so quickly, but it was a direct result of the first part and something that I wouldn’t have had the resources to do without the particular circumstances of the company’s closure.

Blink. What’s next? Blink again.


A first language (Ojibwe) speaker that I knew fairly well passed away the other day. This is a big deal in Indian Country because there aren’t many left, but this loss hit me in a big way. I have learned from this man, he is extremely likable, and I am friends with his daughter. He was also set to help us with our annual language camp this summer and it will be quite strange to hear somebody else presiding over the horseshoe tournament.

When I heard he had started his journey, the first memory that came to mind was last summer after a canoe race, he asked me to quick take a picture while he still had his shirt off. Standing there with his racing partner and his farmer’s tan, big grin on his face… Honestly I cannot think of a time that I did not see him smiling.

I had to delete his email address from a group contact list yesterday. That seems like a small thing…but it was extremely hard for me to do. I’m still in shock. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that he is gone.

Safe travels, Gaagigebines. It is true that you will be greatly missed.

Daniel Jones obituary

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Under the microscope of a micromanager, constantly seeking out flaws or opportunities to subjugate…as if we need a reminder that U R da BOSS!!!

Frigid temps, worse than Arctic weather conditions breaking down our steel beasts and forcing stagnation…

Emotionally crippled lover alternately pushing away  and pulling closer…but mostly pushing away, whilst also exerting control…

Is your constitution strong enough, your mind agile enough, for you to persevere and overcome these challenges and manipulations, and come through the other side shining like the star you are???