Led Zeppelin

All the Albums, All the Songs, Expanded Edition

by Martin Popoffled zep


Cross-Stepping Your Way To Success

by Carolyn Bowencross step.jpg

The Power to Transform Your Life One Step at a Time!

This is a quick read if you are in need of a boost of inspiration and direction to reinvent yourself. Guiding you through steps and strategies to let go of the past, grieve, and let yourself heal before tackling a plan of action including considering career options, it’s a bite-sized boost!

You’ll learn how to take care of yourself first in these crucial days and build a new life at any age and/or stage.

Of two online resources listed, one is defunct and one offers a “free” career assessment tool that will bait you to purchase before you can get much actual useful information, so don’t bother with them, but there is a small suggested reading list at the end of the book that you may find useful.

I received this through a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review. 2/5 stars.  It was ok.

Improving Mental Health: Four Secrets in Plain Sight

The Four Secrets aren’t really secrets, but important ideas that need to be examined Four Secretsfurther.  They are:
1. Behavior serves a purpose.
2. The Power of Attachment
3. As a Rule, Less is More
4. Chronic Stress is the Enemy
Dr. Sederer expands on each of these four important points in such a way that other health practitioners or even laypersons can understand.
This book would be useful for anyone caring for someone with mental health issues whether in a professional capacity or in a personal or family relationship.  It may even help those who are suffering themselves.  He breaks things down in easily understandable terms and helps get to the bottom of symptoms rather than just throwing a quick fix at the problem.
If you are looking to improve the care you are giving or you or a loved one are receiving, I would absolutely recommend this book.
I received this book from a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

Dr. Ruth’s Relationship Roadmap

(Kindle Edition)

dr ruth

by Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer

A quick and easy (down & dirty?) guide to finding a relationship and/or evaluating the one(s) you are currently in.

If you are searching for love, this little guide can start you off in a good way.  If you are in a relationship that is less than satisfying, Dr. Ruth prompts you to figure out why you are not happy and what’s bugging you and whether to do something about it.

This little lady pulls no punches and gives it to you straight, and like she says (spoiler alert): even if you don’t take her advice, at least she will get you moving.  It’s up to you whether the direction is the right one or not.

I received this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

Education From Infancy (Part 1: An Early Start)

This book is the first in a set of 4 and contains a clear and well thought out plan that the author used to educate his grandson from infancy.  He used math concepts extensively because the early concepts are easy to grasp and encourage logical thinking.educ inf.jpg

This book could be used at any age and doesn’t need to be strictly adhered to.  It would benefit anyone hoping to prepare their child for pubic school, as the basis for a homeschooling effort, or for anyone needing to learn basic math concepts in a low-stress, non-threatening way.

Excellently organized start to early educational concepts.

I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.


How We Use English to Communicate: An Introduction

by Kenneth D. Chastain

The author explains the rules of English grammar in easy-to-understand language and english.jpgincludes worksheets for learners, but he proposes that what students have trouble with are the terminology.  I would disagree.  I think the explanations and worksheets are extremely useful and there is no need to scrap the conventional terms.

I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.


I, Parrot: A Graphic Novel (Paperback)

by Deb Olin UnferthElizabeth Haidle (Illustrations)

What an interesting way to convey a story filled with difficult situations and emotions!  The graphic novel format illustrated in shades of grey is perfect for Daphne’s struggle

i parrot

and belies the bits of (unintentional?) humor of her situation.

It’s a glimpse into a short time in her life, but still manages to pull you in and make you understand the depth of her character.

I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.


The Moonlight Meeting: The Nocturnals

 Written by Tracey Hecht & Rumur Dowling, Illustrated by Waymond Singleton

Cute and silly illustrations, written for children grades 1-2.  Simple story, but… (spoiler alert!), on page 44 one character introduces another without ever having been told their name and…I’m not sure all of the creatures and fruit featured in this book actually exist in the same geographical areas naturally.  I could be mistaken, and maybe it shouldn’t even matter in a book geared for young children.  Perhaps I am taking the magic out of the story.  There are fun facts in the back of the book also.  If I had to describe the book in one word it would be: adorable.

I received this book for free through a  Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

Illustrations by Celli

100 Illustrations that take you there 30720696

I wasn’t as impressed by this volume as I expected, although I applaud the author/illustrator for getting back into his work.  The book is filled with interesting images, it’s just not a coffee table type that I would like to leave out for visitors and myself to peruse occasionally.

I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.