Skeletitos: Countdown to Midnight

Make Every Moment Countskel.jpg

by Susie Jaramillo

There is also a sing-along app available.  Check out the website.


Iron Maiden

Album by Album

by Martin Popoffiron.jpg


Run to the hills…

Led Zeppelin

All the Albums, All the Songs, Expanded Edition

by Martin Popoffled zep

Making Poor Man’s Guitars

Cigar Box Guitars, the Frying Pan Banjo, and Other DIY Instruments

by Shane Speal

A fair amount of the history of blues is sprinkled throughout this guide to making instruments out of mostly found objects.

Step-by-step instructions and supply lists are included for DIY cigar-box guitars, pan banjos, violins, fiddles, and beer can microphones.

I found the section on creative sound holes the most interesting.

The author is an experienced participants of craft shows and lets us in on some great tips  and tricks in that area also.

An awesome list of resources will assist those serious about making some of these instruments.  I expected from the title that it would be a less expensive endeavor than it actually can turn out to be.

I received an electronic copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  3/5 stars.