Find Your Mantra

Inspire and Empower Your Life with 75 Positive Affirmationsmantra.jpg

by Aysel Gunar


Perfect for those who want to make improvements in themselves, but don’t know where to start or have the time or inclination to pour through volumes of self-help books.

The illustrations are like miniature versions of motivational posters.


Common Cents

A Budget Workbook

by Earn Spend Live

The Complete Book of Calligraphy & Lettering

A comprehensive guide to more than 100 traditional calligraphy and hand-lettering techniques

by Cari Ferraro; Eugene Metcalf; Arthur Newhall; John Stevens

En Plein Air: Acrylic

Expert techniques and simple step-by-step projects for creating dynamic landscapes in the open air with acrylic

by Mark Mehaffey

It is a painting course with step by step projects with a focus on finding your own voice or style.

En Plein Air: Watercolor

Expert techniques and simple step-by-step projects for creating dynamic landscapes in the open air with watercolor

by Ron Stocke

Hygge: The Danish Secrets of Happiness

How to be Happy and Healthy in Your Daily Lifehygge.jpg

Maya Thoresen (Publisher), Sarah DaMetz (Narrator)

Hygge seems to be a concept similar in some ways to the recent interests in minimalism and mindfulness.  It is defined as a “quality of coziness” and is focused on your own comfort and joy.

This book discusses hygge with regards to your home, decor, pets, children, work, relationships, and finances.

I find the notion of “Swedish Death Cleaning” to be intriguing, although I find it less morbid to pretend I am moving rather than dying.

The narration is quite soothing and fits in well with the material.

I received this book through Audiobook Boom in exchange for an honest review. 2.5/5 stars.

You Goal, Girl

A Goal-Setting Workbook

by Earn Spend Live40223364.jpg

Led Zeppelin

All the Albums, All the Songs, Expanded Edition

by Martin Popoffled zep

Vertical Vegetables

Simple Projects that Deliver More Yield in Less Space

by Amy Andrychowiczvert veg.jpg

Lee Hammond’s All New Big Book of Drawing

Beginner’s Guide to Realistic Drawing Techniques

by Lee Hammonddrawing.jpg